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How To Change Fonts In Epson LX-300+ Printer

Written By admin on Friday, July 22, 2011 | 1:21 AM

We can change the font on Epson LX-300+ printer by setting up the panel buttons on the printer. Many people have asked this problem to me, on this occasion I will discuss the issue.

To change font in Epson LX-300+ Printer is as follows :

Step 1
Switch on the Printer.

Step 2
Hold the Pause Button for 3 Seconds (until you here a beeb sound).

Step 3
Now you see the pause LED blinks, now you press Font button to change the font (you here beeb sound on change of each font).

Step 4
After selecting the font press pause button once.

Step 5
Thats it now your font has been changed.


  1. hello, I would like to ask for assistance, my printer print result overlap, cannot read the result.



  2. cannot change the font although we are trying to by pressing the font button

  3. cannot change font even though we are pressing the font button

  4. Hello
    Good information for printer problem solution. This is conman problem. Thanks for sharing.

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