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How To Perform Printer's Self Test LX-300/LX-300+

Written By admin on Friday, July 15, 2011 | 8:39 PM

Printer's Self Test is one of the facilities contained in a printer. Each printer is almost certain to have this facility. Self test print done without using a computer as an intermediary device.
Objectives to test the printer without using a computer is needed to determine whether there is damage to the printer, such as can not do a print out or can find out the results print out the printer.

Printer's Self Test on the Dot Matrix Printer LX 300.
LF/FF + Power-On
  • Turn on the printer and insert the paper.
  • Turn off the printer after a paper entry.
  • Then turn it back on while pressing the FF (fast forward).
  • So if your printer can print out the form of letters and numbers that print out the results was good, it means that your printer is in good condition.
Printer's Self Test on the Dot Matrix Printer LX 300+.
LF/FF + Power-On.
  • Make sure the printer is turned off and the paper-release lever is pushed back to the single-sheet position. Raise the paper guide upright.
  • While holding down the LF/FF button, turn on the printer. The PAUSE light flashes.
  • Slide the left edge guide until it locks in place at the guide mark. Next, adjust the right edge guide to match the width of your paper.
  • Slide a sheet of paper down firmly between the edge guides until it meets resistance. The printer loads the sheet automatically.
  • Press the PAUSE button. The printer begins printing the self test.
  • To stop printing temporarily, press the PAUSE button.
  • To end the self test, make sure the printer is not printing. Press LF/FF to eject the sheet, then turn off the printer.


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