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How to Take Care of the Printer

Written By admin on Monday, July 5, 2010 | 7:41 PM

Who would not want to printer durable and does not quickly broken. Sometimes we have trouble with our printers, when we want to print documents or photos suddenly did not print the results in accordance with our desires. Results may not print clearly or breaking. This could make us annoyed even hamper our work. I have tips and tricks to keep the Epson Inkjet printer'll remain durable and can keep a good print results.

What we have to consider are :
  1. Try our printer is not turned off, the printer remains in the condition of the flame even though the printer is not in use.
  2. Before we print, try it on nozzle check. The trick is to click on the Start menu -> Settings -> Printers and Faxes -> Right-click (Properties) in the printer driver -> Printing preferences -> Maintenance -> Nozzle Check. If the Nozzle Check the print results were good, we just print our file. But if the result is still bad Nozzle print, do the Head Cleaning. Head Cleaning up two times, do not often do because the Head Cleaning will remove the ink we are pretty much.
  3. For Epson printer users who rarely use, note the important things below, your printer safely secured. Perform minimal Nozzle Check once a week, aims to have the circulation of ink is wasted. And the ink is not dry on the print head.
  4. Give protector or cap on your printer, it aims to avoid intruding dust on the paper roll for towing, and avoid the rat colony.
  5. Keep your printer uses StaVolt, aims to avoid the voltage fluctuation on the power of the printer.
Hopefully these tips and tricks can be useful for you all.


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