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Best Digital Photo Printer

Written By admin on Sunday, March 20, 2011 | 7:24 PM

Guide to Choose the Best Digital Photo Printer

The quality of image resulted by digital camera is influenced by its resolution, the higher resolution the better image will be resulted, but when you print your digital photo on paper, your photo print will not certainly as good as your digital photo. The quality of photo print is influenced by the quality of printer. So if you want to get high quality photo print, you can go to the digital photo development shops but it will break your pocket. So how can you print digital photo with high quality photo print without breaking your pocket? Just invest your money in the best digital photo printer.

Today there are many digital camera printers available on the market. They come with various brand names, features and prices which make it hard to determine the best digital photo printer that fits your need and budget. Below are simple tips that will guide you to determine the best digital photo printer that fits your needs.

- Consider what size your prints will likely be. In case you are pleased with printing 4x6 photos, after that you don't need to purchase a costly, large format printer. The majority of basic level printers can easily print on regular US letter paper size, plus if you don't intend to enlarge your photographs, it will be better for you to use a basic digital photo printer.

- Inkjet technology or Dye Sublimation technology? This query is the most important to be asked yourself prior to selecting the best digital photo printer. If you have plan to print both photos and text, the best choice is using printer with Inkjet technology. This kind of printer works by spreading tiny dots of ink through nozzles on printhead. But if you have plan to print only photo prints, the best choice is using printer with Dye sublimation technology. This kind of printer uses heat to transfer dye onto thicker paper for example photo printer paper, fabric or cards. But it is more expensive than the Inkjet technology and the result of photo print is also much better than the Inkjet technology.

- Estimate how much resolution you will need. The term of DPI (dots per inch) refer to the quantity of ink dots the printing machine makes use of per inch to form images or text. The higher the DPI, the sharper, clearer, more vivid and detail your photo print out. The standard to result high quality photo print for Inkjet printer is about 2,400 DPI and 300 DPI or less for a dye sublimation printer.

- Study printer reviews. Consumers who have purchased printers generally submit user reviews in tech sites. Research and analyze digital photo printer reviews, and even inquire of your mates related to their thoughts on the printer you want to choose.

- Notice distinct features. A lot of extra features are provided in the most recent digital photo printers, which will make you have plenty of choices to play around with. A number of printers possess memory card slots, therefore all you need to do is just place your digital camera's or even your cell phone's memory card within the printer's slot in order to be able to print photos. The existence of LCD screen will very help you edit the photos prior to printing. The PictBridge feature will enable you to directly print photo by connecting your camera straight to the printer through USB slot, and you don't have to upload the photo onto the computer prior to printing.

- Consider extra costs. if you want to conserve more money, you have to use your own digital photo printer. But if your ink cartridges run out, you will find the ink cartridges more expensive. Or when you need to print quality photo with special photo papers, you will spend much more money for those.

Ensure that the printer's ink cartridges plus photo printer paper will not cost higher and affordable. A few printing devices still work well with third-party ink cartridges, therefore it will be better to confirm whether the printing device you are hunting will work together with those.

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