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Epson Printer Ink Secret

Written By admin on Friday, September 30, 2011 | 9:38 PM

When the ink level will run out, usually the result of defective or does not print out good. In the Epson printer we can see the ink level in the status monitor.
Ink Lavel Low
Print Out Broken
Do not worry about this problem, there are tips and tricks to make a low ink cartridge chip can ride level. The way is unplug the cartridge that has been going out of the printer. Paper clip to poke a small hole above the cartridge chip. Then insert the cartridge into the printer. And see the changes. Ink levels will rise, if you want to print again, then the result will be good.
Printer Ink Secret
Ink Level Ok
For more details, you can see the video below, Video on youtube by brusspup :


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