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How To Reset Epson TX700W

Written By admin on Friday, October 21, 2011 | 8:09 PM

You can get software resetter for Epson TX700W, you can download at this link : Download Epson TX700W resetter.

Instruction to use Epson TX700W Resetter Software :
  1. The following screen appears. Press the "Accept".
  2. Press the "Particular Adjustment Mode".
  3. Select the "Consumables maintenance counter" and then press "OK".
  4. Select the button "Check" to retrieve the current value. Then Pressing the button "Initialization" to reset the counter to zero.
  5. Press the "Accept" and the counter will be reset.
  6. Turn off the printer. The counter was reset.
  7. Press the "Finish" to close the screen.
  8. Close the software. Pressing the "Previous".
  9. And on the next screen, press the "Quit".


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